I Technical parameter技术参数:
Model型号 LS-100
Cutting pressure 冲裁压力 100T
Available cutting area(mm)有限冲裁面积 1250 X800
Area between pillars(mm)柱间面积 1400 X800
Stroke(mm)行程 220
Host motor power主电机功率 7.5Kw
Net weight 净重 App.4500Kg
Voltage电压 380V,50Hz, three-phase, four-wire
Size机器尺寸 2800X1800X1650mm
Production rate生产速度 5-14molds/min
II. Electric control cabinet:电控柜
1. Host motor主电机: Mengniu brand猛牛
2. Oil pump: Taike brand
3. Solenoid valve: Liantong Taiwan
电磁阀:联通 台湾
4. PLC: Mitsubishi, Japan.
PLC:三菱 日本
5. H. M. I: Weilun Taiwan
触摸屏:威纶 台湾
6. Proximity switch: Yangming Taiwan
7. Intermediate relay: Omron Japan
8. Contactor: Schneider Shanghai
III. Detail of the machine
1. Computer control system and H.M.I, all make the operation easy, quick and accurate. 电脑控制系统,触屏式显示屏,操作简单、快捷、准确;
2. Double oil cylinder, precise four-pillar self balancing linkage mechanism to make sure consistent cutting depth. 双油缸,精密四柱自动平衡连杠机构,能保证每个裁断位置裁断深度一致。
3. Hydraulic cutting adopt manual type, only need to press the button one time, the sheet can be cut completely. The machine sets with emergency stop device to make sure for personal safe. 油压裁断采用双手动作方式,按钮一次,无连续多次裁断的弊端,设有紧急停止装置,确保操作安全。
4. Differential design. Top mould table moves downward at high speed at the beginning and then slow down when about to cut, which avoid cutting size error at different layer. 差动设计,快速下降到刀模自动慢切,使工件上层与下层没尺寸误差。
5. When cutting environmental protection material such as PET,OPS, EPE, ABS, there is no fail cutting or rough selvedge. 在裁环保材料PET,OPS, EPE, ABS时不会有裁不断或边缘毛边。食品盒裁断时可杜绝裁板粉末粘在  盒上的现象。
6. Cutting pressure fine regulating device allows user to get best cutting pressure easily. The machine can much reduce wastage on mould and sheet because of its accurate degree of balance. 裁断力微调装置,可快速随意获得需要的冲裁压力,因裁断平衡度精确,可以极大减少刀模及裁板的损耗。
7. Auto Lubrication makes sure precision and improves endurance of the machine. 自动润滑确保机器精密及提高机器耐用度。
8. Special designed cooling system and rotation encoder device make sure accurate location of mould. 特设有冷却系统和旋转编码器装置,使刀模定位工作更加准确、稳。
9. The machine can work with single size or double sizes auto sheet feeding device to increase product rate to two or three times.
10. PLC control and H.M.I make operation easy and convenient. PLC控制,人机界面操作,方便实用;
11. Adopt anti-noise technology to reduce noise when running. 采用抗噪声处理技术,减少设备运行噪音;
12. Cutting depth is set by inputting number. 冲裁深度采用数字输入。